The Franciscan Award In 1967, the order of Conventional Franciscan Fathers and Brothers granted the Franciscan  Award to Alcoholics Anonymous in recognition of the “outstanding contribution to humanity” that A.A. has made “in the field of social service.” A letter to the General Service Office announcing the award reads, in part: “We hope that the granting of the Franciscan Award to the society of Alcoholics Anonymous will be an impetus to all the members to continue and increase their  great and much needed work.”
This was the second time the Franciscans granted the Fellowship an award. Acknowledging that first award, Bill W. writes in January 1950: “From the A.A. point of view, an interesting and helpful precedent has been established. We shall be able to say with confidence when other donors put in an appearance that they would do quite as well, even better in fact, if they chose to honor the Society of Alcoholics Anonymous rather than any of its founders. As I told you, this happy concept was not mine at all. It really came from the Founder of your order, St. Francis of Assisi, whose example and spirit have already done so much for me and for A.A.”


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