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Public Service Announcements

1. Tengo Esperanza (Spanish Language PSA) Flash Player | Mobile Html 5 version New

2. My World Flash Player | Mobile Html 5 version New

3. I ThoughtFlash Player | Mobile Html 5 version New

4. Force of Nature Flash Player | Mobile Html 5 version New

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Videos for Professionals

1. A.A. Video for Healthcare Professional Flash Player
2. A.A. Video for Legal and Corrections Professionals Flash Player
3. A.A. Video for Employment/Human Resources Professionals Flash Player


Young People's Videos

1. On the Beach Flash Player
2. Alcoholics Anonymous Flash Player
3. Young People's Animation VideoFlash Player
4. 25 and Under New Flash Player
5. A Group of People Just Like Me New Flash Player




1. "Drinking was no fun for me" English/Male (:30)
2. "I just wanted to die" English/Female (:30)
3. "Alcohol didn’t work anymore" English/Male (:30)
4. "I thought I was too smart" English/Female (:30)
5. "Everybody was on my case" English/Black male (:30)
6. "All of a sudden, everything got crazy" English/Teenage girl (:30)
7. "The easier, softer way" English/Older male (:30)
8. "Never alone again" English/Male (:30)
9. "A.A. made all the difference" English/Male (:30)
10. "We know how you feel" English/Female (:30)
11. "We’re all in this together" English/Native-American male (:60)
12. "People just like me" English/Female (:30)
13. "The door is always open" English/Male (:30)
14. "I could feel the happiness" English/Female (:30)
15. "I know where I’m going" English/Female (:60)
16. "A richer life to live" English/Montage (:60)

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