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eBooks  -  Frequently Asked Questions from A.A. Members

Purpose of the AAWS eBook Project

One of the most important responsibilities of the Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. (AAWS) Board is to continue to provide access to A.A.’s message of hope through distribution of A.A.’s copyrighted literature. In keeping with this responsibility, AAWS has approved the creation of an eBook online store in order to provide digital access to most copyrighted AAWS publications.

In reaching a group conscience decision there was thorough discussion and research prior to the development and initial offering of the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions in eBook format in English, French, and Spanish.
Q:  What is the price of these eBooks?
A:  $6.00 each for the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Twelve Steps and Twelve
Q:  What devices will be included in the eBook project?
A: For now the A.A. eReader App may be obtained from the Apple App store for use on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and can be read on iPad in 2x mode.
Q:  When will A.A. eBooks for dedicated eReaders such as Kindle and Nook be available?
A:  There is currently no timetable for availability through eReaders such as Kindle and Nook.
Q:  When I buy an A.A. eBook, can I read my eBook on more than one device?
A:  Your eBook purchase from AAWS allows you to read each book on a maximum of three (3) devices.
Q:  Am I breaking my anonymity when purchasing an A.A. eBook through AAWS?
      (Who can buy an A.A. eBook?)
A:  Anyone including professionals, students, family members, etc. can purchase eBooks from the AAWS online store.  You are not announcing your AA membership in any way by using this online store.
      Once your app is downloaded to your device, it will appear on the screen with other apps or you can prevent your app icon from being highly visible by grouping it into an app folder.
Q:  How will my credit card information be protected?
A:  The AAWS online store incorporates the highest e-commerce security standards to protect your personal information including your credit card information.  The AAWS online store website is subject to regular industry security audits.
Q:  Is my credit card information stored by AAWS?
A:  Yes. AAWS’ credit card processing service uses a secure electronic storage method to store credit card information [PCI/DSS]  [Payment Card Industry/Data Security Standards].
Q:  How do I get help with my A.A. eBooks?
A:  The AAWS online store has helpful information and contacts for technical or “how to” questions.